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Fire is an intricately complex field, and applying the right solution is of utmost importance. At Radii Planet Group we aim to provide clients with the reassurance that, thanks to our experience, knowledge, and research and development capabilities, our specialist team are available to assist with all manner of technical and compliance related matters concerning the manufacture and installation of glazed fire rated systems.


From single doors to full shell and core projects, we use our regional offices across the UK, backed up by a centralised Fire Consultation Centre at our national headquarters as well as dedicated compliance and health & safety directors, to guide our clients and design teams in selecting the most suitable products to meet their specific requirements of their project.


Our group objective is that we stand out as a consistent and reliable project partner for fire rated safety.

Why does a building need fire rated screens and doors?

Fire-rated screens and doors are important safety features in buildings because they help prevent the spread of fire and smoke, protecting occupants and allowing for safe evacuation.

Buildings are often divided into fire compartments, which are areas enclosed by fire-resistant walls, floors, and ceilings. By containing the fire to its origin, the risk of it spreading throughout the building is reduced, minimising damage and increasing the chances of successful firefighting.

Overall, fire-rated screens and doors are crucial components of a building's passive fire protection system. They play a vital role in containing fire, preventing the spread of smoke, providing safe escape routes, and complying with fire safety regulations — all of which contribute to the overall safety of occupants and the preservation of property.


From E30 to Ei120, our comprehensive range of glazed fire systems are tested to the most rigorous of fire performance criteria and standards and combine best-in-class levels of fire protection with stunning aesthetics.

Our suite of market-leading glass screens and doors are tested and certified to recognised standards to provide suitable protection from flames and smoke up to 120 minutes.  

With five different solutions available to suit a variety of technical and visual requirements, we offer doors and screens either in frameless glass or framed in steel, slimline aluminium or sustainable hardwood timber, with additional acoustic performance available up to 54dB RW.

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    By adding our specialists into your design team we always ensure that the relevant questions are asked and at the correct time, providing comprehensive cover on all project compliance and Part B regulation requirements.

    This includes (but is not limited to) demonstrating endorsement through the production of qualified test evidence, product certification, future maintenance planning, and relevant legislation.

    Our team are available for consultation and to advise, where available, how products can be fully integrated to ensure all the above responsibilities are met and qualified accordingly.

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    Classifying fire safety: E & Ei ratings

    The terms "E" and "Ei" are commonly used to indicate fire ratings in the context of fire-resistant doors or glass systems.

    The "E" rating refers to the fire integrity of a door or a closure system. It measures the ability to resist the passage of flames and hot gases during a fire. An E-rated solution is designed to maintain structural integrity and prevent the spread of fire from one area to another for a specified duration.

    The "Ei" rating is similar to the E rating, but it also references a requirement for the system to provide additional thermal insulation. This means that an Ei-rated solution not only prevents the passage of flames and hot gases, but also limits heat transfer from one side of the door to the other.

    When selecting fire-rated doors or screens for your building it is crucial to ensure that they meet the required E or Ei ratings for the intended application, while complying with the applicable building codes and regulations.

    RPG Fire Rated Systems E Rating
    RPG Fire Rated Systems Ei Rating



    All of our group fire rated products are available on the NBS Source platform.

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