NBS Source & Specification Support

Radii Planet Group is proud to have adopted the NBS Source specification platform to enhance our product offering to manufacturers and streamline the way our solutions are integrated with their architectural specifications.

NBS Source stands as a comprehensive digital platform designed to revolutionise the way construction professionals access, create, and manage building specifications.

Streamlining Specification

The NBS Source platform offers a comprehensive database of building specifications, making it an invaluable resource for professionals seeking materials that meet their project requirements. By leveraging this platform, Radii Planet Group ensures that its products are easily accessible and can be seamlessly integrated into project plans and designs.

Furthermore, being featured on NBS Source allows Radii Planet Group to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. The platform provides a platform for showcasing the environmental credentials of its products, such as recycled materials, energy efficiency, and low carbon footprint, helping to attract environmentally conscious clients and projects.

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Add Our Products to Your NBS Specification

Use the links below to add our range of glass partitions, fire rated solutions and architectural glazing services directly into your specification.