Ensuring Compatibility and Safety with Fire-Rated Glass Systems

Ensuring Compatibility and Safety with Fire-Rated Glass Systems

When it comes to fire-rated glass systems, every component plays a critical role in ensuring both integrity and functionality. Here’s a quick guide on what to consider when specifying ironmongery for your projects:

Ironmongery Compatibility:

  • Always check that the chosen ironmongery is compatible with your selected fire-rated glass system and its fire performance requirements.

Primary/Secondary Leaf Pivoting/Closing Mechanisms:

  • Freeswing Pivot Bearing: Use with overhead closer or automation.
  • Fire-Rated Floor Spring: Non-hold open type.
  • Electro-Mechanical Hold Open Fire-Rated Floor Spring: Linked to fire alarm for automatic closing in the event of a fire.
  • Face Fixed Overhead Closer: Ensures doors close securely.
  • Electro-Mechanical Face Fixed Overhead Closer: Also linked to fire alarm for enhanced safety.

Handles and Locks:

  • Pull Handle/Lever Handle/Manual Locking: Must comply with Approved Document Part M and BS8300, stating a maximum diameter of 35mm.
    • Bolted Through the Glass: For integrity-only products.
    • Full Height Bolted Through Top and Bottom Rails: For added stability.
    • Bolted Through Leading-Edge Door Stile: For enhanced strength.
  • Bonded Pad Handle/Push Plate: An alternative secure option.
  • Lever Handle/Lock with Euro Profile Cylinder: Key and thumb turn operation for ease of use.
  • Manual Locking: Available for base and head installations.
  • Access Control: Can include electric handles

Choosing the right components and ensuring their compatibility with your fire-rated glass systems is essential for safety and performance. Don’t compromise—ensure every detail meets the highest standards.

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