What Makes A Good Fire Door?

What Makes A Good Fire Door?

Fire doors are essential to the safety and wellbeing of people within a building. Commercial buildings are required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005 to have a suitable maintenance regime to ensure that fire doors are kept in an effective state. You may find, after inspection, that your fire doors need replacing. But what makes a good, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing fire rated door? 

To have confidence in a fire door you want to see that the door has been comprehensively tested. Fire integrity is the most important aspect of choosing a fire door, as this will define how many minutes of fire protection you will have. Radii Planet Groups’s fire rated doors are tested to BS476: Part 22 at UKAS approved test facilities, ensuring regulation compliance and trust in our products.

Our fire integrity ranges from E30 and Ei30 to E90 and Ei120. The fire rating you choose will be dependent on the nature of the building and location of the fire door; our products are therefore designed to be used in multiple environments.

The appearance of your fire door will also be important to you. A minimal framework which maximises glass will create a sleek and modern appearance within any building.

Suitable for all high-end environments including retail, commercial, public, or residential, our highest-performing FirePro system can be finished in a brushed, bright polished or polyester powder coated finish as well as offering wider profile openings.

The FirePro ‘E’ Integrity only system pushes the boundaries of specification without compromising aesthetics. Stile sections measuring just 29mm wide can be clad in a variety of materials and finishes to meet your aesthetical requirements.

FirePro’s ‘Ei’ Integrity and insulation system is tested to EN standards and can achieve up to 90 minutes with insulation and 120 minutes integrity only.



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