Define your look – ‘Dynamic’

Define your look – ‘Dynamic’

A ‘dynamic’ style is perfect for brands who want to really show off their personality and vision. But what makes a look dynamic? A dynamic person can be characterised as someone who is full of energy with new ideas, a positive attitude, and confidence in their ability. For a workspace that mimics and encourages this character, use daring bold paint finishes, dramatic manifestation and playful furnishings to create a work inspiring style which is proven to increase productivity and a positive atmosphere in a building.

Colour is a great way to lift working environments and reflect an organisation’s personality. A statement interior is easy to create with bright colours such as red, yellow and green. Be as bold as possible with your choices to bring about the dynamic look. Planet have an extensive range of polyester powder coated paints that can be used on our partitioning framework and door systems. Team these bright colours with runs of our p20 frameless partitioning screens to ground them.

Colour can also be used for zoning work spaces, break out spaces and meeting rooms. In an educational setting, vibrant colours are a great way to keep students’ spirit and motivation high and consistent throughout the study year.

Even the most corporate company will benefit from subtle hints of the dynamic look; and applying innovative manifestations on meeting room screens or doors, will create private spaces as well as making a statement that visitors are guaranteed to remember.

Defining your look matters, and here at Planet Partitioning we can help you understand which look suits your environment. The five key looks we offer are, contemporary, industrial, dynamic, form and bespoke. Get in contact with us to discuss your design needs in more depth.