Designing for the Contemporary Workspace

Designing for the Contemporary Workspace

Coming from the Latin, ‘con’ meaning ‘with’, and ‘tempo’ meaning ‘time’, contemporary style is a style that is always in fashion. So how do our clients go about designing a contemporary workspace?

In an era where it has become the norm to spend the majority of your time at work; and hiring and retaining millennial talent seems to be a scramble between companies; we have seen many of our corporate clients taking their office design tips from luxury hotels such as The Ned in London, to create a desirable and comfortable space to attract desirable staff.

So how do you achieve this look, whilst maintaining the functionality needed for an effective, collaborative workplace?

Resoundingly popular with our blue-chip clients, the contemporary look is, by definition, fashionable and current. This year sees a minimalist approach to design, using elegant furnishings and clean lines, complemented by neutral colour tones. Our slim glazed partitioning is perfect for those wishing to achieve this style – try p20, our single glazed frames, which offer maximum sleekness or, where acoustics are needed, our p100 partitioning frames and IsoPro doors offer a polished, flush elevation.


Complement the clean look of the design with neutral colours, such as greys and creams, and natural materials like wood, leather, and stone; this keeps the design looking organic and modern, rather than futuristic.

Planet offers an extensive range of timber veneers, so you can achieve the look you desire, such as the dark stained oak on the left. Timber veneers can be used as panels on drywall and doors, or to cover heavy framework.

Clean Lines

Use large expanses of frameless glass to keep your space filled with natural light and to maximize space by creating an illusion of openness, even when privacy is required. These free-standing frames are perfect for creating informal meeting areas, in an otherwise open-plan space.

To read more on Planet’s design tips, please view our Product Guide here or on our downloads page. For any further assistance on designing a contemporary workspace, please contact us.