Planet Creates Industrial Partitioning Chic With LOFT

Planet Creates Industrial Partitioning Chic With LOFT

Reflecting the growing trend of industrial style workplace interiors, Planet Partitioning has created LOFT, a high performance, versatile partitioning system offering a unique combination of individual aesthetics and acoustic performance.

Designed and manufactured by Planet, LOFT enables architects and interior designers to replicate art deco design whilst achieving modern acoustic performance.

Featuring polyester powder coated aluminium sections, the highly versatile system provides the freedom to create a ‘window’ effect across glazed partitioning and doors. Available in three sizes – LOFT20, LOFT54 and LOFT100 – the system is available in a single and double glazed option. Whilst typically specified black to create the art deco style, a range of finishes and colours are available to suit any environment.

With its 20mm wide frame and variety of mullion and transom options, LOFT20 provides a versatile glass system suitable for a wide range of internal applications. As well as workplace and commercial applications, LOFT20 is just at home in residential and domestic applications where acoustics is a low priority but loft style aesthetics are essential.

LOFT54 features a 54mm thick frame and despite its slender frame offers an acoustic performance of up to 46dB Rw. It comes with a range of installation methods, depending on the aesthetic required, and in addition to standard banded glazing (where the aluminium trims are applied directly to the glass after installation) a true mullion and transom version is available.

With its 100mm wide strong frame, LOFT100 offers outstanding acoustics of up to 54dB Rw when specified in a double glazed form. It is also available as a single glazed system and can be integrated with Planet’s M100 dry wall and modular glazing systems to create a seamless integration from banded glazing to solid walls.

Suitable for a wide range of interior applications such as meeting rooms and boardrooms as well as creation of breakout spaces, LOFT features laminated or toughened safety glass, meeting Building Standards. It can be polyester powder coated to any RAL colour and features refined details at transom to mullion junctions and comes with a choice of glazing bar options.

“We pride ourselves on creating products and solutions that meet ever changing interior styling trends,” commented Genghis Akay, Sales Director at Planet. “LOFT is the result of our product development programme and demonstrates our ability to respond to market needs with high quality products that combine performance with aesthetics.”

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