Planet Launch BIM Families for Entire Product Range

Planet Launch BIM Families for Entire Product Range

The Government’s BIM mandate, introduced in April 2016, requires all public sector centrally procured construction projects to be undertaken using Building Information Modelling (’BIM’) to Level 2, with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic.

Having recognised the potential benefits this technology offers, Planet Partitioning underwent an intense programme to ensure its industry leading product range would be at the forefront of BIM based design. Planet Partitioning initially released BIM models for its key products and conducted a survey with several of its clients to obtain feedback.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the light, easily adaptable models we had built. So, we decided to offer BIM families for Planet Partitioning’s entire product range, including doorsets and our fire rated partitioning.

All our partition systems, including the LOFT range are now built separately as single and double-glazed variations and our doors are offered as single and double door options. Planet  BIM families can be found by registering via the Members Area of Planet’s website where the variations of some systems are in zip files to download.

Planet will ensure the deliverables we submit will pass the required client and/or BIM standards. We have, at our disposal, customised tools that build on existing industry standards, allowing automated validation checks on drawings, models and data, to ensure their compliance.

The partition families are prepared as curtain walls within Revit Project files (.RVT), including the doors. The files are user-friendly and provide a fully certified Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) export. The specific objects with required parameters can be extracted and inserted into projects with ease.

Each partition system is built with its varying deflection head options and glass choice options to select. The content has 2D detail information available, with a fine level of detail to enhance our clients’ Section and Plan Drawings. As well as easily customised doorsets, including options of ironmongery, our doors are ready to be imported into clients’ door schedules. Latest NBS information is embedded into all objects to ensure the smooth addition of our files to our clients’ BIM libraries.

Planet are familiar with BIM Execution Plans provided by Main Contractors, whose requirements change from project to project in line with an Employer’s own standards. Planet Partitioning’s BIM families can be adapted from LOD 1-5 at any stage of a project and our asset data increases in complexity as the project progresses. The families are modelled to LOD 300 to keep them light. Any geometry below 0.7mm can be accompanied by Planet bespoke or standard shop drawings. For further clarity please contact Planet Partitioning.

Planet also provide 2D product details as Autodesk AutoCAD files (DWG) and important performance data in the form of specification templates, acoustic and fire rating performance certificates.

Planet’s design team will work in collaboration with its clients’ project teams to create a set of shop drawings, in time for manufacture and construction and will co-ordinate with other Sub-Contractors to pre-empt and resolve any potentially problematic interfaces, prior to the construction stage.

Going forward, Planet intend to create content for alternate platforms as well as work with clients to develop this content to fully fit the Employers’ Requirements.

Our approach recognises that the challenges of managing design development across disciplines do not vary dramatically between manual drafting, 2D CAD and BIM – the communication requirements of information remain constant. The application of BIM standards supported by technology will however deliver more determined, efficient information with less inherent risk within it, providing improved building outcomes for our clients.