Uniting industrial aesthetics with required building design standards in one contemporary banded partitioning system.

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Fire Rating

UP TO 46dB Rw

Maximum Height
UP TO 3000mm

Banded glazed partitioning that delivers performance and aesthetics without compromise. LOFT54 is the ideal foundation for industrial style banded glazing, achieving a notable acoustic performance of up to 46db Rw that is uncompromised by its slender framework.
Choose your original design.

Choose your original design.

LOFT54 allows the specifier to choose from a range of installation methods, depending on the aesthetic they desire. Along with the standard banded glazed partitioning option – where the aluminium trims are applied directly to the glass after installation – a true mullion and transom method is available.

When opting for the mullions and transom method, the structure is created with the glazing inserted only after the frame has been built. This allows for greater flexibility when designing the layout of the visible bands and the materials chosen for each individual section.

This alternative construction method allows for the designer to create any shape they wish, such as a diagonal or checkerboard effect, and furthermore complement LOFT54 with varying materials i.e. different finishes of glass, timber or metal faced boards.

Choose your original design.

Key features & Options.

  • 1. LOFT54 shown here with an IsoPro glazed door
  • 2. LOFT54 features refined details at transom to mullion junctions.
  • 3. LOFT54 has various glazing bar options – shown here is 27mm version.
  • 4. LOFT54 can be polyester powder coated to any RAL colour choice.


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Loft54 Data Sheet

LOFT54 Data Sheet Download

Download File
Loft54 DG Designers Guide

LOFT54 DG Designers Guide Download

Download File
Loft54 OSG Designers Guide

LOFT54 OSG Designers Guide Download

Download File
Loft54 Technical Drawings

LOFT54 Technical Drawings Download

Download File
planet dg partitioning epd

Planet Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - DG Partition

Download File
planet sg partitioning epd

Planet Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - SG Partition

Download File



Planet's LOFT series features powder-coated aluminium sections to create a striking 'window' effect that unites the on-trend visual style of Art Deco panel glazing with all the benefits of modern demountable partitioning.

Banded partitioning to a range of weights provides an elegant or industrial feel to Planet’s partitioning screens - an excellent option for designers looking for an alternative aesthetic.

Offering all of the benefits that our experience in creating high performance partitioning systems brings, LOFT is the optimal way to create an industrial look, whilst maintaining all of the required standards that are necessary in modern building design.

LOFT20 | LOFT54 | LOFT100


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  • LOFT54 002
  • Reading Interiors HR 7 1000px 750x421
  • 01.


    All of Planet's products are available on the NBS Source platform.

    Use the links below to add our range of LOFT banded glazed partitioning systems directly into your specification.


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