The minimalist, frameless partitioning system that maximizes glass for design without limits, Planet's PURE range of glazed partitioning is perfect for contemporary interior styles.

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Fire Rating

UP TO 54dB Rw

Maximum Height
UP TO 3500mm

Our 100mm wide glazed partitioning offers superior acoustic performance with a vast range of configuration options, to satisfy even the most demanding of interior design schemes.
The pinnacle of privacy.

The pinnacle of privacy.

Planet's PURE100 demountable glazed partitioning offers unparalleled acoustic attenuation, with many hours of research and laboratory testing proving its performance time and again.

Unsurpassed in acoustic performance, it achieves up to 54dB Rw in double glazed format to recognised British Standards.

Available in both single and double glazed formats, it is the ideal partner to the MONO modular and drywall system through use of the same 100mm framework; creating a seamless run, with identical deflection heads, and head and base tracks.

PURE100 is also compatible with the full range of glazed doors. Our IsoClear single glazed door offers an all glass solution with exceptional acoustic performance of 34dB Rw. If further attenuation is required, then the IsoPro range of single and double glazed doors can be specified, with maximum performance of up to 42dB Rw being achievable.

In addition, our Eclipse sliding door range can be configured, as well as a wide range of timber veneered door leaves.

The pinnacle of privacy.

Key features & Options.

  • 1. Planet's PURE100 is compatible with all Planet door systems.
  • 2. Room booking systems can be incorporated for enhanced building management.
  • 3. All glass three way junction with no mullions for maximum visual impact.
  • 4. Deflection heads compensate for building movement up to ±40mm.
  • 5. PURE100 can be installed with 90 degree corner with mitred glass.
  • 6. Framework can be provided in polyester powder coated or anodised finish.
Quotation mark

The PURE100 system totally satisfied the client’s acoustic performance requirements and the bespoke deflection head solution designed by Planet resolved integration issues with adjacent elements.

Ian Jolliff

Laing O’Rourke


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planet dg partitioning epd

Planet Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - DG Partition

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Pure100 BIM Models

PURE100 BIM Models Download

Download File
Pure100 Data Sheet

PURE100 Data Sheet Download

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Pure100 DG Designers Guide

PURE100 DG Designers Guide Download

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Pure100 NBS Spec v2

PURE100 NBS Spec Download

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Pure100 OSG Designers Guide

PURE100 OSG Designers Guide Download

Download File
Pure100 Technical Drawings

PURE100 Technical Drawings Download

Download File
Pure200 Designers Guide

PURE200 Designers Guide Download

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Planet's PURE range of glazed partitioning is perfect for contemporary interior styles.

Single- and double-glazed configurations fulfil a variety of acoustic and height requirements, while a standard 27mm aluminium framework ensures that glass remains the primary design feature.

With three distinct platform widths offered; 20mm, 54mm and 100mm – the PURE range can fulfil a variety of acoustic and height requirements, by incorporating either single or double glazing, with differing glass types.

Perfect for contemporary interior styles, PURE partitions can be customised with applied film manifestation that can be subtle or imposing to match the desired theme.

PURE20 | PURE54 | PURE100


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    All of Planet's products are available on the NBS Source platform.

    Use the links below to add our range of PURE frameless glazed partitioning systems directly into your specification.


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