The minimalist, frameless partitioning system that maximizes glass for design without limits, Planet's PURE range of glazed partitioning is perfect for contemporary interior styles.

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Fire Rating

UP TO 40dB Rw

Maximum Height
UP TO 4600mm

Our 20mm wide single glazed partition offers a maximum glazed area, coupled with minimalistic perimeter profiles, for a truly frameless look.
Flexible Performance.

Flexible Performance.

PURE20 stylishly captures the look of near-seamless frontages. The equal perimeter dimensional framework provides a perfect picture frame design, with no compromise on strength or performance.

The narrow frame allows for an incredible expanse of glass to be on show, creating a stunning flow of borrowed light throughout the building.

Two framing versions (standard and XL) allow a range of glass thicknesses, between 10mm and 21.5mm, to be accommodated.

Our two part pressure fit PVC gasket system ensures the glass is firmly gripped in place, providing superior performance compared to other methods.

As a result, PURE20 can achieve glass storey heights of up to 4600mm.

Ideal for clients who are looking to divide a room without disturbing space, PURE20 can either be run from wall to wall, for a traditional glass partition, or — if acoustics are not a priority — use the system to create freestanding glass screens for an original look.

Complement the PURE20 system with a wide range of Planet doorsets, such as our micro-slim framed IsoTec or our high acoustic frameless IsoClear swing doors.

Flexible Performance.

Key features.

  • 1. PURE20 uses minimal framework all round – the head track is just 20mm wide by 27mm deep.
  • 2. Capable of being deployed as curved partitioning,
  • 3. Base track matches other framing profiles for a ‘picture frame effect’
  • 4. Slimline doorframes will accommodate timber, glass or IsoPro doors.
Quotation mark

A great company to work with from design to installation with an attentive and personable team throughout the process. Planet were able to meet the challenges of installing high level acoustic glass partitions in a complex Grade II listed building with their PURE20 single glazed system.

Peter Newton

Barton Willmore


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planet sg partitioning epd

Planet Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - SG Partition

Download File
Pure20 BIM Models

PURE20 BIM Models Download

Download File
Pure20 Data Sheet

PURE20 Data Sheet Download

Download File
Pure20 Designers Guide

PURE20 Designers Guide Download

Download File
Pure20 NBS Spec

PURE20 NBS Spec Download

Download File
Pure20 Technical Drawings

PURE20 Technical Drawings Download

Download File
Pure20 Data Sheet

PURE20XL Data Sheet Download

Download File
Pure20XL Designers Guide

PURE20XL Designers Guide Download

Download File


All of Planet's products are available on the NBS Source platform.

Use the links below to add our range of PURE frameless glazed partitioning systems directly into your specification.




Planet's PURE range of glazed partitioning is perfect for contemporary interior styles.

Single- and double-glazed configurations fulfil a variety of acoustic and height requirements, while a standard 27mm aluminium framework ensures that glass remains the primary design feature.

With three distinct platform widths offered; 20mm, 54mm and 100mm – the PURE range can fulfil a variety of acoustic and height requirements, by incorporating either single or double glazing, with differing glass types.

Perfect for contemporary interior styles, PURE partitions can be customised with applied film manifestation that can be subtle or imposing to match the desired theme.

PURE20 | PURE54 | PURE100


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