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The refit of the building at 100 Barbirolli Square sits alongside the previously renovated building at 101 Barbirolli Square. The finished development would offer 10 floors of collaborative workspace, with proximity to several key transport links, restaurants and other amenities all combining to deliver a highly attractive prospect to potential tenants.

The designs by award-winning local architects 5Plus aimed to create a dynamic, attractive site that would create a working environment that fulfilled modern working requirements.

A key design feature was to be the reconfiguration of the building’s central atrium. This would be made from glass and span the full height of the building, flooding each floor with natural light and produce a stunning entrance experience.

Web 100 Barbirolli photo by Tom Bird 15 1100x733
Web 100 Barbirolli photo by Tom Bird 9 1100x733


Planet used our own minimalist PURE20 system for the ten-storey atrium glazing. The narrow frame and profile of the PURE20 gives a near-seamless glass frontage to the circumference of the atrium, providing excellent visual aesthetics while allowing maximum natural light to penetrate each floor of the building.

With each floor of 100 Barbirolli square measuring 3.25 metres from floor to ceiling, the glazing for the atrium needed to be processed at a larger scale than the standard PURE20. Using our own dedicated factory production team we produced an ‘XL’ variant of the PURE20, with each element made to 3.5 metres to provide a perfect fit.

Our PURE20 partitioning system was also used for all lobby screens, alongside a set of IsoPro doorsets. These provide 42dB RW of acoustic performance, each with a 54mm frame that sits fully rebated and flush with the adjoining partitioning.

Finally, our PURE100 partitioning system was utilised to create punched viewing windows on the floor overlooking the central reception area. These were double glazed and chosen for unrivalled acoustic performance, with acoustic rating up to 54dB RW.

  • Web 100 Barbirolli photo by Tom Bird 8 1100x733
  • Web 100 Barbirolli photo by Tom Bird 15 1100x733
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    The work at 100 Barbirolli Square is the latest renovation in the ongoing transformation of the City of Manchester into a vibrant, modern commercial hub. Completed in Spring 2020, the finished space and the stunning multi-storey atrium creates a deeper synergy with the adjoining square outside and has fully delivered on the objective of providing a breath-taking working environment.


    Photo credits: Tom Bird