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Client Arm Holdings

British multinational software design company, Arm Holdings, required a complete fit-out of its office space in 11 Portland Street. Situated on the seventh floor of one of Manchester’s prime commercial spots, Marchini Curran Associates worked with glass partition experts Planet, to create a modern open office fit for one of the UK’s biggest tech organisations.

Arm Manchester 6440 1100x733
Arm Manchester 3016 733x1100


Planet’s products, PURE54 and IsoPro doors, were installed across the seventh floor of 11 Portland Street over two phases, the second of which was to service demand and additional space for Arm. Both products are highly bespoke, ensuring the glass partitions reflected and reinforced Arm’s identity. A highly flexible product with practical and aesthetic properties, PURE54 combines elegant lines with 54mm wide profiles and can be specified as single offset, single central or double offset glazed. For this project, a PURE54 narrow profile 2 x 12.8mm acoustic laminate glass was specified as the acoustic performance was a very significant client requirement.

When PURE54 glazing is combined with flush IsoPro, the effect is striking. The IsoPro doorset has a 54mm thick frame that enables seamless design as well as high performance. For this space, IsoPro 42 doors were specified in a double glazed glass to assure acoustic privacy. These products now feature in the space’s key private zones including meeting rooms, one-to-one rooms, telephone booths and creative spaces. Both PURE54 and IsoPro 42 have excellent acoustic accentuation, with PURE54 at 45dB Rw and IsoPro 42 at 42dB Rw respectively, perfect for the most confidential of discussions.

Featuring striking glass partitions that assure acoustic performance is never compromised, Planet has created a bespoke design that will stun both visitors and staff for years to come.

  • Arm Manchester 3039 1100x733
  • Arm Manchester 2988 1100x733 1
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    Both phases were undertaken as fast track fit-outs to meet Arms demands for an urgent Office space requirement in Manchester. Planet worked with both Flexible Business Interiors and Jennor Interiors as the respective fit-out contractors to each phase of the works. Planet’s glazed screens were complemented by a highly bespoke decorative manifestation offering a “themed” environment to each compartmented area.

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