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Since 2010 the Hub South East initiative has been a development partner to many different entities in the public sector in Scotland, working on the regeneration of infrastructure and local services across the country to help ‘level up’ many local communities.

As part of this long-term strategy the development of Calderwood Primary School in East Calder would add a new state-of-the-art learning facility to the West Lothian village, provide hundreds of school places to young pupils and sit at the heart of the wider residential masterplan for the area.

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Planet’s northern contracting division joined the project in the early stages to consult on the design and identify the ideal solution from our product offering based on requirements.

Working with jmarchitects and main contractors Morrison Construction, our team provided glazed fire rated screens for the school’s atrium from RPG Fire’s Firestop range. These screens were designed to achieve specific loadings to comply with SER regulations and provide certified fire rated performance of Ei30 and Ei60 respectively.

In some of the school’s classrooms our PURE20 frameless glazed partitioning system, with +/- 25mm deflection heads, was installed with screens in an open-ended layout to create semi-open spaces to add breakout zones for students.

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    Project Insights.

    The development at Calderwood Primary School opened its doors in September 2021 after being handed over five weeks ahead of schedule.

    Over 500 pupils now being taught in the contemporary and inspirational learning environment, with a 'stage two' development earmarked for the future as the regeneration of the local community continues and demand for school places increases as more people move to the area.

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