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Client Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University can trace its history back to 1865 and, like many universities, it has expanded to varying standards and designs over many years.

Laing O’Rourke approached Planet for help refurbishing the Abercrombie building and fitting out a brand new, purpose-built structure adjoining it. The two buildings combined are now called the John Henry Brookes Building (JHBB), and provide a focus for the university’s core facilities, including the library, careers department and student union. As well as the department of Architecture, Property & Planning.

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The Abercrombie building’s old façade was removed and replaced with a timber one. Planet installed a combination of standard and bespoke large atrium glazed panels within the new timber façade and, on the opposite side, a frameless atrium glazing, providing a striking visual contrast.

Planet also provided and fitted bespoke internal architectural glass throughout both buildings, to meet structural and acoustic requirements in different locations.

Planet used PURE100 double glazed partitioning and PURE20 relocatable single glazed partitioning in a wide range of formats throughout both buildings. For areas where sound attenuation was important, PURE100 double glazed partitioning at cellular spaces – and for rooms and offices requiring additional privacy, integrated venetian blinds. For communal areas, PURE20 XL reached to heights of over three metres still using the 27mm framework line.

Planet also installed a range of fire-rated frameless screens from RPG Fire throughout the buildings.

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    Project insights.

    Planet Partitioning worked with Design Engine architects to design different internal glazing solutions, to overcome challenges as the project progressed.

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    Quotation mark

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole Planet team for their contribution towards the Oxford Brookes University, Abercrombie Building Project. This was a multi-faceted and complicated design and Laing project team were impressed with the dedication and cooperation of Planet to design and deliver the correct atrium glazing solutions

    Ian Jolliff

    Laing O'Rourke