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Client University of Oxford

The Oxford Martin Building at the University of Oxford is a world-leading centre of pioneering research that addresses global challenges from climate change to fuel poverty.

With striking internal arches and columns, the Grade 1 listed building needed full renovation to make it a high quality collaborative working environment for academics, including interdisciplinary working spaces and flexible seminar rooms.

The project’s main contractor and architects, Berman Guedes Stretton, asked Planet for help transforming the building and achieving excellent acoustic performance while preserving the listed structural interior. To do so, Planet Partitioning had to fit all partitioning into the building’s vaulted ceilings.

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Working closely with Berman Guedes Stretton, Planet designed and then curved the structural framework of the partitioning to match the internal arches of the building.

PURE100 double glazed partitioning formed the crosswalls between offices for excellent sound attenuation and to ensure sound couldn’t travel between meeting rooms. PURE20 single glazed demountable partitioning was used for the office fronts and where the partitioning had to be curved to match the internal arches. IsoClear glass doors feature in all office and meeting rooms to meet strict acoustic performance specification. This extensive use of glass not only ensured circulation of natural light but also ensured that the striking structural design of the building was clearly visible.

Where partitioning had to be butted up to a column, PURE20 flexible framework accommodates a solid panel as well as glass, which is scribed to follow the exact contours of the decorative pillars.

Finally, for the main entrance Planet also designed and installed bespoke fire-rated timber partitions for the reception area. The end result is a high quality, technologically advanced space for academics that keeps the original features and identity of the building intact.

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    Project insights.

    On the upper floor, Planet overcame the structural challenges of the building by adapting its existing product range to create a bespoke aluminium framework to support several freestanding glass panels.

    The Oxford Martin Building won an RIBA Regional Award in 2014.

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