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Client SunLife

A company with an extensive history, SunLife can trace their company roots all the way back to 1810, when it opened it’s first office opposite The Bank of England. Now based in Bristol, Sun Life offers straightforward life cover, insurance and savings for the over 50s.

Taking an old soap and vinegar warehouse, the company chose Interaction to both run and design this ambitious CAT B fit-out. Determined to turn the space into a modern, flexible working environment, whilst staying sympathetic to the building’s original design and industrial roots, SunLife requested an office with a “wow-factor”, and Interaction and their team delivered.

SunLife Panelled Glazing
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As the building was previously being used as a warehouse, Interaction were faced with the challenge of turning a large, open, cold space, into commercial offices fit for their finance sector client.

Planet Partitioning were bought on-board to design, manufacture and install the internal partitioning needed to create the corridors, offices and meeting rooms. To stay true to the building’s industrial history, LOFT20 was used throughout – the panelled glazing creating a perfect base for the industrial style interior design of the completed project.

The partitioning was used to section a varied choice of spaces, for both working and downtime, for a flexible working environment, fit for a modern company. To further modernise the space, tech panels were fitted to the glass, allowing staff to easily book the meeting spaces.

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    To create a unique feature, faceted glass panels where used to create the illusion of curved walls. This was the first time the LOFT20 system had been installed in this manner and the result, with the bands applied, was seamless.

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