The complete all-rounder. Contemplate full clarity with maximum transparency.

Fire Rating

UP TO 34dB Rw

Maximum Height
UP TO 3000mm

A Clear Performer.

A Clear Performer.

The IsoClear glass door is based around a 12mm thick all-toughened glass door leaf and is fully compatible with PURE20, PURE54 and PURE100 partitioning systems.

Through the use of our innovative drop down sealing to the glass door leaf and batwing sealing to frame, it offers stunning aesthetics whilst boasting excellent acoustic properties.

A Clear Performer.

Key features & options.

  • 1. IsoClear can be specified with Rondo (rounded), or Classic (square) lever lockset profiles, as well as pull handles.
  • 2. IsoClear uses 12mm clear float toughened glass for maximum transparency
  • 3. Acoustic attenuation of up to 34dB Rw can be achieved through the addition of acoustic drop seals.
  • 4. Various hinge options and finishes including self-closing.
Quotation mark

The IsoClear door is visually appealing with a neat slim frame and acoustically impressive providing 34dB Rw. We were impressed with Planet and their service and our client is keen to use their systems on future projects

Jonathan Shaw

ABW Architects


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