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EightyFen is a brand-new 14-storey development in the southeast corner of the City of London, completed in 2020 and bringing 250,000 sq ft of premium contemporary workspace to Fenchurch Street.

The centrepiece of the building is a stunning glass atrium that spans the entire length of the core structure, flooding the lower floors with natural light and providing a breath-taking arrival experience when entering the building’s lobby.

Radii AG were commissioned to utilize their intricate knowledge of glass to produce a dynamic, multi-storey frameless glazed atrium that matched the ambitious design intent.

An additional consideration was for the atrium to accommodate the stepped, angular elevation changes due to the terraced roof gardens on the top five levels.

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SK 80 Fenchurch Street 22 10 2020 fullres 184


The design required the glass to be physically supported solely on the top and the base while still providing protection from falling in compliance with Part K of building regulations.

To achieve this Radii AG employed their dedicated in-house glass processing facilities to manufacture heat-strengthened and laminated panes. These were installed using glass supporting steelwork that enabled the entire façade to be supported off the concrete slab using cantilevered brackets.

For aesthetics, decorative glass spandrels were used to provide a flush transition and hide structural supports at the intersection of each floor. These were finished with digitally printed film and PVB interlayers to achieve the specified stone effect.

Finally, glazing from the FirePro system from RPG Fire ensured that — although not required to be fire rated — it was designed as a fully smoke sealed solution.

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    Project insights.

    The finished atrium at EightyFen epitomises Radii AG’s core philosophy of extracting the full capabilities of glass as a building material.

    Structural, acoustic and fire rated performance all formed a part of the finished installation, allowing Radii AG to provide a bespoke, technical solution alongside dramatic visual aesthetics.

    Quotation mark

    “The central atrium at EightyFen was an ambitious piece of design and I am delighted with the work the team at Radii AG put in to bring it to fruition. Their knowledge of glass processing meant that they were the ideal project partner in the fulfilment of this work; it was a pleasure to work with the team and I will be sure to have them on my next project.”


    Construction Director