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Client EPIC UK

The scope of work at 217 Bath Road combined a full-scale structural refurbishment and fit-out of the internal space along with extensive landscaping works around the building.

Landlords EPIC UK sought to revitalise the site into four floors of highly desirable Grade A office space — all to be done with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

With a view to make the most of the available floorspace, a partially-filled atrium design was submitted by architects Stiff + Trevellion.

Radii AG’s experience in providing structural glazed atrium solutions saw them work closely with the architects and main contractors Overbury and contribute their considerable expertise to bring the design to life.

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The initial atrium design at Bath Road was to be comprised of system partitions that were installed ‘slab to slab’, with spandrel panels then covering the glazing.

After careful consideration, Radii AG proposed an alternative solution that would see all glazed elements and spandrel panels installed in one continuous plane.

This evolution of the design would ‘value engineer’ the build and improve overall aesthetics by ensuring clean lines throughout.

Furthermore, Radii AG were able to leverage our internal RPG-wide group capabilties with our sister brand Planet’s western contracting office, who were tasked with supplying the abutted glass partitioning systems.

The installation of free issue spandrel panels ensured a seamless aesthetic transition to the adjoining glazed partitioning from the industrial-style Planet LOFT system.


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    Project insights.

    The complementary work between Radii AG and Planet enabled us to provide a holistic solution to client EPIC UK, as well as demonstrating our ability to be a valuable project partner in any capacity when it comes to the provision of glass and metal solutions.

    Completed in summer 2021, the finished site at 217 Bath Road is targeting a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ sustainability standard.

    Furthermore, it was a 2022 ‘Best in Building Health’ as the highest scoring mult-tenant base building — as well as being the highest scoring project across all property types and sectors in the UK.