An economical, sustainable alternative to traditional plasterboard installations.

Sophisticated Separation of Space.

Sophisticated Separation of Space.

Radii 2D offer clients dynamic and demountable products that provide an economical, sustainable partitioning solution designed to be fully reconfigurable to suit the evolving needs of a client over the course of a 25-year lease.

Achieving up to a highly impressive 59dB Rw, Radii 2D offers acoustic performance comparable to traditional drywall installations - but with far greater degree of flexibility, economic value and sustainability.


Sophisticated Separation of Space.


Fully interchangeable and compatible with the associated glazed fronts systems, Radii 2D's demountable crosswall can be completely reconfigured in a finished office environment over a single weekend as part of our ongoing restacking work, is dust-free to finish and provides flexibility of space without affecting day-to-day business operations.

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    Change perspective of a workspace.

    2D DIVIDE acoustic pivoting screens add moveable surfaces to a workspace that offer access, function and acoustic privacy.

    Available in both single glazed and double glazed configurations as well as with finishes such as whiteboards and pinnable surfaces, they are perfect for use in flexible breakout areas and are great at encouraging informal collaboration and idea sharing.

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