Radii 3D.

Agile, relocatable freestanding spaces that offer a unique solution tailored for your people and business needs.

The Radii 3D system has been designed so that every surface provides additional functionality to the space. Designed to be fully capable of meeting a wide range of specifications and are ideal for modern workplaces requiring flexibility, Radii 3D provides a full spectrum of opportunities to add functional, inspirational spaces to a working environment.

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For when singular privacy and solace is required. Radii 3D’s one-person pods create tranquil spaces perfect for uninterrupted work and concentration.

Whether a seated configuration for longer 'focus' work sessions or a standing booth ideal for private phone calls, 3D Focus offers exemplary acoustic privacy and innovative design to create the ideal personal space.

Standard Sizes & Features.

  • 1. 3D Focus - One Person Booth. Perfect for focused individual work.
  • 2. 3D Focus - One Person Phone Booth. Ideal for private phone calls.
  • 3. Fully customisable finishes and surfaces based on your needs.



Combining innovative design, sustainable construction and exemplary acoustic performance, the Radii 3D system can be tailor-made to suit any criteria — whether you need to build a community, encourage collaboration, or promote the healthy wellbeing of your people.

Available in sizes from single person ‘telephone booth’ up to a multi-person meeting room environment and with a range of technology and customisable aesthetic options, Radii 3D has been designed to be fully capable of meeting a wide range of specifications.

Full communities can be created through combining multiple Radii 3D systems together, with compatible profile sizing enabling booths and pods to be adjoined to each other as well as the Radii 2D product family.

 3D Focus | 3D Huddle | 3D Relax

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    Agile & Sustainable Construction.

    The inspiration behind the development of Radii 3D has been the growing push for ‘second life’ materials in the fit-out industry, as well as the need for workspaces that can be agile to accommodate changing working habits.

    All Radii 3D parts are pre-finished in Radii Planet Group’s in-house factory facilities to create minimal waste, while each element in the finished product is 100 per cent reusable and can be reconfigured on multiple occasions during a 25-year lease period of a building.

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    Market-Leading Innovation

    Market-Leading Innovation

    Leading the Way on Comfort & Safety

    Fully developed by our dedicated in-house Centre for Excellence in Cheshire, UK, the Radii 3D system contains three market-leading features in this product category:

    • A revolutionary ventilation, heating & cooling (HCV) system that allows ambient external air to be filtered, and subsequently controlled as it is distributed around internal space. 
    • A bespoke fire suppression system that utilises infra-red scanning to identify possible heat sources, combat false alarms, and eject a specialist water-mist sequence on activation, with scan progress able to be shown on the internal AV system.
    • A self-levelling base track deflection head design. 
    Market-Leading Innovation

    Key Features.

    • 1. An interactive AV system, controlled through a touch screen and with the capability for voice control and mobile app integration.
    • 2. Noise reduction through acoustic panelling.
    • 3. A range of internal and external aesthetic panel finishing options, including film manifestation, whiteboards and biophilic design through living walls.
    • 4. Lighting options including magnetised track pendants and recessed ceiling lights.
    • 5. Door options including pivoting, sliding and bi-fold.
    • 6. Glazing options including switchable privacy glass.

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