Glass Partitions.

Radii's range of full-height crosswalls and glazed partitioning fronts offers luxury, relocatable and sustainable solutions for high-end commercial environments.

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R6722 STB P50 B v5


Fire Rating
Non Fire Rated

Up to 55dB Rw

Maximum Height
up to 3650mm

The double glazed Parallel partitioning system is perfect for meeting rooms and executive suites that require higher levels of acoustic privacy, achieving 55dB Rw.



Our Parallel double glazed partitioning system comes in 50mm, 100mm and 125mm variations and is perfect for environments that require higher levels of acoustic performance.

This mullion-free system uses two separate skins of dry joint glass panels, with framing available in single or double glazing.

Parallel 50 achieves 45dB Rw using 2x12.8mm acoustic laminated glass. Slimline and minimalist, it is ideal for environments needing flexibility of design.

Parallel 100 sees a step up in acoustic performance, achieving 50dB Rw while using the same glass as Parallel 50 due to the increased cavity space.

Finally Parallel 125 is capable of achieving a highly impressive 55dB Rw through installation with 2x16.8mm acoustic laminated glass. The 125mm depth sees it fit easily alongside stud walls of varying thicknesses and offers exemplary noise reduction performance. 

Parallel partitioning can be manufactured up to 3000mm in height or extended to 3650mm through the use of transom bars, while glazing can be produced as toughened, laminated or with decorative elements based on requirements. 

Commonly installed using deflection heads of +/- 15-40mm, our double-glazed systems can be installed alongside various sliding and pivoting doors from our extensive range. 

Key Features & Options.

  • 1. Range of base track heights available measuring from 25mm up to 90mm.
  • 2. Compatible with all Radii full-height partitioning and freestanding '3D' systems.
  • 3. Exceptional acoustic performance tested to 55dB Rw - perfect for executive meeting and board rooms.
  • 4. Can be installed up to 3650mm with the use of transom bars.
  • 5. Can incorporate different deflection head options such as +/- 15mm, +/- 25mm, +/- 40mm in inner, outer, and concealed deflection heads.


Radii's Parallel partitioning systems are available as in-depth product listings on the NBS Source platform.

Use the links below to add our range of Parallel double glazed partitioning systems directly into your specification.



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Parallel100 NBS Spec

Parallel 100 NBS Specification

Download File
Parallel125 NBS Spec

Parallel 125 NBS Specification

Download File
Parallel50 NBS Spec

Parallel 50 NBS Specification

Download File
Parallel84 NBS Spec

Parallel 84 NBS Specification

Download File
radii dg partitioning epd

Radii Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - DG Partition

Download File
radii sg partitioning epd

Radii Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - SG Partition

Download File

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Radii's range of full-height crosswalls and glazed partitioning fronts offers luxury, relocatable and sustainable solutions for high-end commercial environments.

With fully glazed and banded options available as standard — as well as the opportunity for bespoke product development where required — Radii partitioning eliminates the need for drywall and creates stunning visual aesthetics that are perfect down to the final millimetre.

Rio | Linear | Parallel | 2D | Dovetail

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  • 01.


    All of Radii’s products are designed to be 100 per cent relocatable.

    This flexibility means that working environments can be rapidly updated, with existing partitioning, crosswalls and door systems able to be moved to reflect the changing needs of your business as and when required.

    Furthermore, where possible Radii’s installation team will carry out any reconfiguration outside of normal working hours to minimise disruption.

    For one banking client Radii carried out over 500 changes at their London headquarters since client occupancy in 1997 — all completed with a consistency that saw us reselected after a 25-year relationship.

    Tech Unit Options.

    Our tech units are designed to accommodate a range of devices including room booking systems, security panels and signage. 

    Hinged or lift-off panels enable access for maintenance work without the need to adjust the glazed front, with finishing options including glazing, veneering and aluminium helping to provide a seamless transition between glazed partitioning and adjacent door sets. 

    Charlotte St  W3A7190
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