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108 Cannon Street is billed by clients Endurance Land as ‘not your typical office space’.

Through a full-scale refurbishment of the building, including the addition of a rooftop terrace, a four-storey extension to the rear and relocation of the entrance, the renewed site aims to provide 3,300 sq ft of premium office space and a promise to end users that it ‘flexes to fit you’.

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The innovative focus on an adaptable, reconfigurable internal design meant that modular partitions were a key part of the overall strategy.

The holistic open-plan design would offer numerous spaces that differed in size, functionality and aesthetic design to cater for a variety of work habits.

The client was also targeting BREEAM and WELL sustainability certifications. With this in mind, a key priority was the use of recyclable and reuseable solutions to achieve these environmental standards.

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As leading innovators in the design and manufacture of adaptable and reusable solid and glazed partitions, Radii were a perfect fit for this project.

Alongside our range of high-end commercial glazed partitions — all of which are fully demountable — our highly sustainable adaptable ‘2D’ crosswall solution would work in conjunction to produce the modular grid that the client would require to add the flexibility of space they desired.

Fully interchangeable with the adjoining glazed fronts, this modular 2D system has been designed to be erected, taken down and reconfigured multiple times throughout the product lifecycle and add or remove private spaces as required.


Radii combined our double-glazed Parallel 125 partitions (Rw 53 dB) and demountable adaptable 2D crosswall (Rw 53 dB) to create meeting spaces with exceptional acoustic privacy. Crosswall panel finishes varied to match the design of each space by architects Barr Gazetas, with magnetic writeable whiteboard also specified to add additional functionality for end users.

Our single glazed Linear 25 (Rw 38 dB) and double glazed Parallel 50 (Rw 45 dB) partitions were also used due to the variety of acoustic requirement for the different office and meeting rooms across the Lower Ground, Ground and Levels 2 and 3. These were fit alongside single, leaf and a half and double Hogan pivoting glazed doors.

Finally, Radii also manufactured and installed a FirePro Ei30 fire rated double door set and screen in the reception lobby.

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