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Project Objectives.

Sustainability was a key consideration for global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group’s relocation to new premises at 80 Charlotte Street, London.

Led by the vision of architects Piercy&Company, the design for the space would see timber framed partitioning used across 257 meeting rooms and offices to create an eye-catching finish with a low carbon footprint.

Project Objectives.
Project Objectives.


Following a design consultation with the client and after building an in-depth understanding of all technical and sustainable requirements, Radii committed to creating a fully bespoke partitioning system design for Boston Consulting Group.

Utilising an extensive 3D modelling process, our team mapped over 5,500 sections of responsibly sourced FSC-approved timber to create manufacturing drawings for every individual piece of componentry. This ensured that each was used to its maximum capacity, with material wastage kept to a bare minimum.

Our innovative BTMC barcode tracking system, that sees each piece electronically tagged, also provided full oversight of progress throughout the manufacturing and installation process.

Where extra acoustic performance was needed, 100mm double-glazed partitions with integrated automatic blinds were utilised for some meeting areas to provide additional privacy and noise reduction.

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    Project Insights.

    The work for BCG saw Radii use tried and tested design and manufacturing processes for metal, but for the first time instead using timber.

    As well as the creation of the physical product, our team also collaborated closely with other trades involved in the project — such as the joinery contractors — to ensure we reduced the supply chain to a single source of selected veneer and solid oak and further reduce the carbon footprint of material movements.

    Finally, the systemised nature of the workshop drawings produced by Radii for the installation at Boston Consulting Group ensures that each section can be easily reused and relocated in the future and allow us to provide consistent, swift and reliable customer support for the full product lifecycle.