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Project Objectives.

Client BP

British multinational energy company BP’s relocation of their global headquarters to a new site in London saw them move into 200,000 sq ft of office space in the repurposed 25 North Colonnade in Canary Wharf.

Working on all floors from the Mezzanine up to Level 8, Radii designed, manufactured and installed a number of bespoke solutions for the fit out, as well as the provision of our high-end glazing systems & timber doors for 144 office fronts.

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Our elegant Parallel 50 double glazed system (45dB Rw) with recessed head track was utilised for the majority of office and meeting room fronts, with some single glazed Linear 30 (40dB Rw) used for ‘focus rooms’. Veneered timber doors with large vision panels were added where more natural light passage was required. On Level 3 these were finished in powder coated BP Green, with glass and pilasters curved to suit the drywall apertures of the meeting rooms. Linear 25 banded single glazed partition screens with reeded film were used at refreshment areas.

Radii added functional surface finishes to key collaboration areas through the development of pivoting whiteboard screens  for the Level 2 ‘scrum space’ and sliding swivel boards for the Level 3 flexible working area. For the flexible ‘squad space’ on Level 5, Radii designed and installed innovative twin track sliding stacking screens, finished in a combination of fabric wrapped panels, writeable glass and slotted veneer panels.

Glass balustrading was installed to interface with BP’s speed gate entry system, including some curved elements.

Finally, bi-folding shower screen doors were placed on the Mezzanine Level, as well as two additional shower screens on Level 8.

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