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Project Objectives.

Speciality reinsurance group Chaucer’s move into their new 44,000 sq ft home in London’s Scalpel Building aimed to provide a new, modern, and eco-friendly environment for their people.

The project design by architects Scott Brownrigg evolved into one that would be perfectly suited for the changing working habits Chaucer had identified among their staff as they returned to the workplace.

The increased emphasis on collaborative and social spaces for their 450 employees, with key considerations towards flexibility and sustainability, saw Radii ideally placed to provide a key contribution to the fit-out.

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Radii’s technical design department created a bespoke telescopic double-stacking sliding door for Chaucer, used in the collaborative ‘scrum room’ and allowing exceptional access to the internal space.

Our fully demountable Linear 30 single glazed (40dB Rw) and Parallel 100 double glazed (50dB Rw) partitioning with
return fins were utilised for office fronts and meeting rooms depending on the acoustic performance that was required.

Lateral deflection at external mullion abutments was also a feature, while affixed mullions and transoms were used to create a banded ‘Rio’ effect.

Various designs of privacy film manifestations were placed between the partition banding, with some patterned manifestations complementing the Chinese architectural design motifs throughout the space.

Bi-parting sliding automatic doors were installed in the lobby, with access control via carder readers mounted on
Radii’s integral security post. The auto-operators were hidden within a purpose-built bulkhead which was designed and co-ordinated alongside the ceiling contractor, ensuring day two access for programming and maintenance.

Hogan fully framed glass pivoting doors, with a unique threshold door seal design, contributed acoustic attenuation up to 39dB Rw to a number of meeting rooms.

Finally, where needed, steel-clad FirePro Ei30 fire rated glazed partitions were manufactured and installed by Radii to provide fire route protection.

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