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Client Fora

Fora Borough is a dynamic new five storey commercial and retail development in the heart of London’s historic Borough district. Designed by architects Hassell, upon completion the site would allow Fora to add 32,000 sq. ft of agile, professional co-working spaces to their growing network across the capital.

A key consideration for Fora was that the completed meeting areas and offices came with a high degree of adaptability, allowing them to offer their clients a choice of fixed, flexible and agile spaces and meet a range of requirements both now and in the future.

Furthermore, privacy and acoustics needed to be atthe forefront of any proposed solution to enhance the effectiveness of each meeting space. This would also be supported by visual aesthetics; muted tones inspired by nature would be used throughout the development to help create a calm and peaceful environment for work.

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This project with Fora started with an extensive up-front collaborative design process that helps to uncover any bespoke requirements to consider for a client.

In this case, the consultation identified the need for a tailor-made RSJ head detail for the partitioning. This was designed by the Radii team to provide a bespoke solution, then manufactured with a custom colour finish.

Our glazed partitioning was installed across all meeting rooms and offices. Linear single glazing (38dB RW) was used across all fronts alongside Glide sliding doors (38dB RW), while the use of Parallel 50 double glazing (45dB RW) for all crosswalls to further reduced noise transfer. All doors were then finished with timber door handles, made to a bespoke design for the client.

Timber and fabric veneer panels were applied to the partitioning and coloured to match the natural colour palette of wall finishes supplied by other contractors.

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    Project insights.

    The Fora Borough fit-out has proven so successful that, following completion, the site was awarded an Innovation Award by the British Council for Offices.

    It is now used as a benchmark for all subsequent Fora locations — ensuring that each one will meet their key company value of providing “spaces to be brilliant”.

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