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Project Brief.

Architects HLW reached out to the Radii Pre-Construction Design team back in September 2021 with their design intent for a really unique glazed partition project for British multinational retail company Kingfisher.

With the client being the home of many notable DIY and home improvement brands such as B&Q and Screwfix, HLW’s initial design aimed to create a ‘workshop’ aesthetic to the space through a combination of timber doors and upstands with glazed windows.

Kingfisher Radii LR 6
Kingfisher Radii LR 4

Pre-Con Design.

After reviewing the stage 2 visuals during a workshop with HLW, Radii were tasked with creating our proposal.

Our dedicated Pre-Construction Design Department quickly got to work tailoring our bespoke solution to the project requirements.

The key challenge was to take the timber doors, upstands and T-sections between the rooms and combine them within one glazing system.

Achieving this would mean that every aspect would finish flush across the room front, with the windows designed to then ‘step out’ from the rest of the front.

Kingfisher Radii LR 18 v2

Visualising Design Progress.

Utilising our own in-house visualisation department Radii produced our own visuals of the project to help demonstrate our proposed solution and show the evolution of the design from HLW’s own original visuals from Stage 2.

A mood board of physical samples was also produced to show the suggested materials and component finishes — including a swatch of the extremely vibrant chosen PPC colour for the window framework.

R10319 001 LEFT
Radii Sample Mood Board Skyfall


The final design required steel framework to support the glazed windows and create the timber upstands.

Radii’s Product Development Department developed this detail with the Pre-Construction team and conducted virtual stress testing to ensure the structures would be adequate to support the weight of the glass.

The bespoke nature of the design and system meant that acoustic assessments needed to take place before the system could be specified for the project.

Radii’s internal acoustic team helped to develop the design and conducted our own assessments, before the system was externally assessed by a third party to provide certification to the architect.

  • Kingfisher Radii LR 17
  • 01.

    Radii and HLW went through a total of six drawing pack revisions over the following weeks, before settling on a final system that ended up being a completely bespoke solution for the project.

    The fit-out for Kingfisher was shortlisted for the Mixology23 Project of the Year - 15-30k sq ft.

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