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Client Marsh McLennan

Radii joined the large-scale commercial fit out for the UK headquarters of global professional insurance services experts Marsh McLennan in 2021, working for 10 months to provide our high-end commercial solutions across the East and West buildings of Tower Place, London.

Our scope of work encompassed 203 room fronts, architectural glazing and fire rated solutions, all designed to help the client achieve a sustainable, collaborative and inclusive environment for their people to “meet together and accelerate impact”.

Marsh McLennan Radii LR 21 sq
Marsh McLennan Radii LR 20


Radii’s elegant double glazed Parallel 50 (45dB RW) and Parallel 100 (50dB RW) partitions with single glazed pivoting doors was used for Marsh McLennan’s office fronts, meeting rooms and larger ‘project rooms’ along with retro-fit room booking and aluminium faced tech units.

Parallel 100 was also utilised with pocket sliding doors for the Level 6 conference rooms, while 4490mm high Parallel 100 extended screens were installed to the East Thames Room on Level 6 and conference rooms. This required structural steel work to support both the weight of the glass above the transom and the hanging weight of a folding wall below by others. Linear 59 (39dB Rw) with bi-parting sliding doors was used on small meeting hubs on Level 6.

Finally, FirePro Ei60 structural atrium screens were installed in the atria in Tower Place East and West.

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