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Project Objectives.

Wealth management firm Stonehage Fleming’s relocation to St James Square, London aimed to provide flexibility to their staff through the provision of many different types of private spaces to suit a variety of work needs.

A key focus of the design was to reuse, re-imagine and improve on the existing fit-out where possible through the retention of existing interior solutions, greatly improving the sustainable impact of the project.

Radii is very proud that the intelligent design of our systems allowed such a high volume of existing in-situ Radii product, installed for the previous tenant, to be reconfigured to blend in seamlessly with new product to meet the requirements of the new tenant taking over the space.

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Radii’s elegant slimline double glazed Parallel 50 partitioning (45dB RW) with pivoting glazed doors were used for meeting rooms and quiet rooms across all three floors of the development, including some with electronic access controls integrated into our systems. Our Parallel 84 double glazed fronts (45dB RW) with integrated single Glide sliding door (38dB RW) were also utilised on the Lower Ground Floor.

A set of Linear 59 (39dB RW) single glazed fronts with bi-parting sliding doors, installed to run within a drywall pocket, were used on the larger executive meeting rooms.

All partition and doors used were installed with recessed head tracks and fully extruded aluminium mullion and transoms — mirroring the existing on-site Radii products that formed part of the restacking and reconfiguration work — with varying levels of privacy achieved with reeded manifestation.

Radii also developed bespoke drywall end caps and finished them to match our glazing systems, neatly integrating the ends of the drywall crosswalls with our glazed fronts.

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