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Fire is an intricately complex field, and applying the right solution is of utmost importance.

RPG Fire provides the technical support for all group fire rated glazed door and screen projects from enquiry to installation, ranging from a single door to full shell and core packages and with a flexible range of finishing options.

We use our regional offices across the UK, backed up by a centralised Fire Consultation Centre at our national headquarters as well as dedicated compliance and health & safety directors, to guide our clients and design teams in selecting the most suitable products to meet their specific requirements of their project.



Designing to fit the fire strategy.

We aim to engage with clients early in the design process of a building to form a complete understanding of the fire rated requirements of a space.

Within the initial stages, we explore product and solution ideas and sustainable alternatives, focusing on viable solutions rather than overwhelming options. By doing so, we maintain control over the budget and design, making necessary adjustments to suit the project's requirements.

This proactive approach ensures that our designs are not only feasible but also easily implementable, as we consider logistics and methodology aspects alongside the design development.

We believe in regular workshops and guidance during the design approval process, minimising unnecessary changes and expediting the design sign-off. This, in turn, allows for an earlier start on-site, reducing program risks. Additionally, we allocate more time within schedules for visual and performance mock-ups, sampling, and testing, all of which can be accomplished much sooner.

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Add our team to your project development process.

We understand that the specifying fire products can be complex, but our extensive knowledge in the field enables us to guide you through this area and offer optimal solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our technical team is available to assist clients and design teams in this process, allowing for budget and design control and necessary adjustments including suggesting alternative certified solutions to meet the project scope.

Furthermore, we assist in writing specifications by providing valuable technical information. Collaborating with cost plan consultants and the client's team, we verify budgets, present high-level advice and explore potential value engineering choices on available options, drawing from past project data, market insights and our in-house expertise.

Where necessary, we can even visit the site to advise on existing elements and potential methodology options.

This approach ensures that designs are feasible, incorporating logistics and methodology alongside the design development.

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Seamless coordination for a successful delivery.

Our collaborative approach to logistics planning, risk analysis, and procurement guarantees successful project delivery.

Logistics and methodology planning commence early on and continue in tandem throughout each project phase. We view our supply chain as an extension of our team, actively involving them in the journey.

Our Project Managers are actively engaged right from the beginning, meticulously planning and overseeing all aspects throughout the procurement process.

From the initial phases, we effectively manage all design, procurement, and manufacturing elements, ensuring seamless coordination with any interfacing trades.

When it comes to executing the works, our installation teams play a crucial role in the planning process. We take great care to be considerate of each domain, tailoring our approach to fit seamlessly within the client's on-site environment.

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Building Confidence in your space.

After project completion, we demonstrate our ongoing dedication to quality by providing a FIRAS certificate of conformity for the installed fire-rated products. This certificate underscores serves as a detailed document outlining the scope of work, fire products used, and the quality control procedures we have meticulously undertaken throughout the project, reaffirming our dedication to excellence.

Regular servicing of doors and fire products is essential, and we take pride in fully inspecting and maintaining warranties to keep our clients' systems in optimal condition.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer support for future changes, such as replacements or adaptations, ensuring the longevity and adaptability of the installed elements.

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From E30 to Ei120, our comprehensive range of glazed fire systems are tested to the most rigorous of fire performance criteria and standards and combine best-in-class levels of fire protection with stunning aesthetics.

Our suite of market-leading glass screens and doors are tested and certified to recognised standards to provide suitable protection from flames and smoke up to 120 minutes.  

With five different solutions available to suit a variety of technical and visual requirements, we offer doors and screens either in frameless glass or framed in steel, slimline aluminium or sustainable hardwood timber, with additional acoustic performance available up to 54dB RW.

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    Book your CPD.

    Guidance for Specifying Fire Glass Screens and Fire Door Systems

    This CPD provides a specialised focus on all matters concerning fire rated compliance and safety.

    Attendees will improve their understanding of relevant legislation and how this needs implementing. They will also receive information on key specification requirements, testing and certifying solutions, as well as an overview of typical fire rated systems.

    Capturing of quality, aesthetics and cost — which are aligned to the New RIBA Plan of Works 2020 — are also discussed, alongside four areas of the RIBA Core Curriculum: 

    • Fire Rated: performance, type to support compatibility to design intent.
    • Being Safe: health & safety being compliant, make up of the material and why?
    • Designing and Building it: understanding the design construction and buildability facets.
    • Industry Standard: regulations, certifications and construction and installation.
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