Our Group Approach to Fire Safety

Our Group Approach to Fire Safety

Fire safety has become a far more prominent design consideration in the UK construction industry in the past few years.

Following high-profile stories involving fire safety achieving significant media cut-through, the need for more stringent regulations and higher performing solutions is a welcome development.

Our group objective is that RPG Fire stands out as a consistent and reliable project partner for fire rated safety.

Our Group Approach to Fire Safety
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Every building needs to be designed to offer an adequate level of fire safety measures, both through the minimisation of risk to the health and safety of any occupants and through the protection of the building’s contents and adjoining structures.

The responsibility for ensuring that the designs, building techniques and materials are compliant rests with architects, designers, building contractors, developers, and the owners of buildings.

Furthermore, for a truly successful solution there are other considerations needed alongside compliance.

For instance: can a fire rated system also perform with regard to acoustic, structural and aesthetic requirements, in an effort to match the initial design intent as fully as possible?

To offer clients a comprehensive solution to all these factors, Radii Planet Group has taken the decision to combine all internal group expertise in the field of fire related safety under one entity: RPG Fire.

Through RPG Fire we aim to provide clients with the reassurance that, thanks to our experience, knowledge, and research and development capabilities, our specialist team are available to assist with all manner of technical and compliance related matters.

We will achieve this through three main activities:

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Our suite of market-leading glazed fire rated systems are tested and certified to recognised standards to provide suitable protection from flames and smoke up to Ei120 rating.  

The five RPG Fire systems — FirePro; FireStop; FireClear; FireTec; and FireEco — offer doors and screens either in frameless glass or framed in steel, slimline aluminium or sustainable hardwood timber, with additional acoustic performance available up to 54dB RW.

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The design and layout of a building, in conjunction with the materials used and the style of construction, play a key role in preventing the spread of flames and smoke and in allowing the safe evacuation of people from the premises when needed.

By adding our specialists into your design team we always ensure that the relevant questions are asked and at the correct time, providing comprehensive cover on all project compliance and Part B regulation requirements.

This includes (but is not limited to) demonstrating endorsement through the production of qualified test evidence, product certification, future maintenance planning, and relevant legislation.

Our team are available for consultation and to advise where available products can be fully integrated to ensure all the above responsibilities are met and qualified accordingly.

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Radii Planet Group have produced a comprehensive hour long CPD presentation that focuses on fire rated glass & door systems and the challenges involved when achieving compliant solutions to meet both design intent and conformance requirements.

The CPD encompasses the understanding required in respect of health and safety and system buildability against differing fire rate performances and how they are specified.

Capturing of quality, aesthetics and cost — which are aligned to the New RIBA Plan of Works 2020 — are also discussed, alongside four areas of the RIBA Core Curriculum: 

  • Fire Rated: performance, type to support compatibility to design intent.
  • Being Safe: health & safety being compliant, make up of the material and why?
  • Designing and Building it: understanding the design construction and buildability facets
  • Industry Standard: regulations, certifications and construction and installation.
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