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Our commitment to social value will be:

  • Authentic – by staying true to team values and the culture of the business
  • Agile – by continuing to be responsive to the needs we see in our local and professional communities
  • Accountable – through building in measures and checks to ensure we are meeting our targets
  • Sustainable –to ensure that we are driving long-lasting change
  • Fully aligned – by being integrated into our group strategy
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Radii Planet Group aims to build deeper relationships with the communities we work in – professionally, with our construction industry colleagues, and locally, through grassroots initiatives near to each of our regional sites.

We aim to:

  • Achieve common goals with our colleagues in the wider construction industry through joint activities
  • Promote knowledge sharing and upskilling in our industry using a range of relevant CPD opportunities 
  • Nurture the next generation of construction industry talent through apprenticeship schemes and similar ventures
  • Support the local communities around each RPG location through identifying and partnering with charities and charitable initiatives
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To achieve our commitments to our people and our community we have established a Diversity, Inclusion and Social Value (DI&SV) Committee, including representatives from each of our divisions and office locations across the UK to move this incredibly important agenda forwards.

We understand the importance of cherishing diversity and are committed to building an inclusive and diverse workplace that welcomes and values difference and contributions from all.

Forming part of our overall People Strategy, our DI&SV Committee is working on initiatives to improve the diverse and inclusive nature of our workforce as well as engaging with our local communities to advance our social value commitments.


Key areas of focus.

At Radii Planet Group we recognise that both environmental and social considerations are key to building a sustainable future for our Company.

We understand that our business activities have the potential to cause significant environmental and social impacts; concern for the environment, sustainability and social value is therefore of extreme importance to us.

Key areas of focus for 2022 are:

  • 1. Programmes to encourage more diverse groups into our workplace – including apprenticeships, work placements and mentoring programmes.
  • 2. Outreach activities – engagement with local educational establishments to generate interest in working within the construction industry and with Radii Planet Group.
  • 3. Charitable activities – including the selection of an official corporate charity to support, as well as the continuation of our support to local charities.
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